Faux-Bia! The Musical

Awarded BEST MUSICAL OF 2018 by UNESCO of Piraeus & Islands

FAUX-BIA! The Musical is a new, fast-paced anti-war musical comedy that picks up right after Aristophanes’ famous heroine, LYSISTRATA, devises a brilliant plan to blackmail the men of Greece: by withholding what men want most in the world from women... 

FAUX-BIA!'s subject matter is that which Aristophanes would definitely comment on if he was alive today: the WORLD CRISIS- in both politics and personal relationships, through the lens of Greek political satire. The solution, as in most of his plays, lies in the power of the female libido. In accordance with the primitive Aristophanic style, we have chosen the Greek war dance, Pentozali, to be the basic music platform throughout the whole play, while at the same time the songs have a strong worldly flavor, since our story concerns the whole modern world. And it’s because these ancient Greek heroes represent each one of us today, that they are not presented in the idealized form of tragedy, but as Aristophanic broken, anti-heroes. 

Lysistrata, whose name literally means "army unraveller", is Aristophanes’ famous ancient Greek comedy about women who are completely fed up with their husbands always leaving them to go off to war. 

In FAUX-BIA, soon after Lysistrata’s decree, something terrible happens! Men lose complete interest in committing to women! In response, the women start to lose their minds. The world comes crashing down in colossal crisis. One by one things start to fall apart: the economy is in shambles, leading to more war, poverty, immorality, and environmental destruction! 

Our play begins with the most famous women of ancient Greek myths and dramas: Medea, the Queen of all Queens, Phaedra, and Antigone. One at a time, they arrive at Olympus, pounding on the gates, and each with an agenda to fix her own self-centered problems. Eventually they realize the problem is bigger than themselves and end up hatching a plan to save humanity, and make the men stop ruling the world with violent, warmongering tactics. All this in order to save the world from…fear, which is the root of all evil. 

We've got it all in this play: beautiful, intelligent women, a bunch of women-starved men, and a chorus of men and women who are constantly brawling in the rhythm of fun music, singing, and dance. An amazing political comedy/parody with the most famous personae of Greek mythology in the style of the father of comedy, Aristophanes, showing us that phobia is nothing but fake violence, a… FAUX-BIA!

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